Independent Tax Group

Real Estate Reductions

The Real Estate Reduction services are designed to assist the client in achieving equitable valuations on real property.  

Real Estate Procedures

The Action Plan will be conducted in three phases

  • Phase One: Data collection  and preliminary evaluation
  • Phase Two: Site Visit
  • Phase Three: Assessment reduction and appeal strategy

Phase One: Data Collection and Preliminary Evaluation

The following information is required to complete the desk audit

  • Real Estate Tax Bill
  • Completed Property Tax Questionnaire
  • Assessors Property Card(s)
  • Appraisals, if available
  • Plat Maps, if available
  • New Assessment Notices, if available

Phase Two: Site Visit

The physical inspection of the property may often prove to be crucial to the valuation process and can be used as a tool to verify the records on file at the Assessors’ office. The site visit can also uncover obsolescence issues such as functional, economic and other characteristics of the property that would negatively impact the value of the property. At this time, the ITG staff also interviews appropriate personnel to confirm differences identified between the assessors, client and site visit information.

Phase Three: Assessment Reduction and Appeal Strategy

After the preliminary analysis, ITG consultants will determine if you are being treated equitably.  If our staff determines that the property is not being treated equitably, we will meet with the assessor informally to explain the findings and attempt a resolution. If a resolution cannot be obtained informally, ITG consultants will appeal the assessment through all the appropriate levels and jurisdictions in the appeal process.